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We are blessed with great fishing, having all three species to enhance your fishing appetite. 

Complex & Irvine Lake

Complex Lake and Irvine Lake, accessible by boat from the Lodge have Lake Trout up to 40 lbs, Walleye up to 10 lbs, and Northern Pike Up to 30 lbs.

Lowick Lake 

Lowick Lake is accessible by portage offering all 3 species and great fishing to those who wish to add a seldom fished lake to their experience in Northern Saskatchewan.

Megan & Crystal Lake

Megan and Crystal Lake are Northern Pike lakes only but are worth the extra time to portage to and try our always hungry pike fishing. Great for the adventurous fisherman.

Great Fishing Stories

Fish, fish, fish and enjoy the Great Lakes of Northern Saskatchewan. The lake water at Complex is crystal clear with many islands and little get always leading into other small lakes. These small lakes are filled with many more adventures and much more fishing. Later in the season we also get to enjoy the true north with the Northern Lights which are totally amazing.        

We encourage catch and release at our lakes to keep our lakes great fishing now and the future. You can keep all the fish you may want to cook for your stay at the Lodge, but ask that you release back to the lake all trophy fish over 5 lbs. They are the best spawning fish and our future guarantee of great fishing always. Also we ask you limit your take home to 5 fish per person.

Remember that your best gift to another fisherman is a released fish and the fun is in the catching, not the keeping. 

Lake Trout to 40 lbs

Northern Pike to 30 lbs

Walleye to 10 lbs

To keep Complex a major trophy lake, we support the catch-and-release policy.

Photos From Fishing Trips